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  • Beware of Falling Snow:  You will want to be mindful of the snow levels we currently have and the potential for snow to fall from rooftops. Snow coming from rooftops can travel 20-30 feet from buildings--keep your distance from buildings with accumulated snow--especially buildings with metal roofs (which is how most of Serene Lakes cabins are constructed.) Snow can come off roofs very forcefully, unpredictably and at great distances.

    In 2020, 
    A 14-year-old boy was saved after snow fell off the roof of the Serene Lakes cabin his family was renting. Truckee Fire Protection District responded to a 911 call after family members couldn't find the boy. Family members said the boy was playing in a 'snow cave' next to the cabin for several hours and never came back inside. 

    Firefighters and paramedics arrived on scene and immediately suspected a roof avalanche and began probing the debris at the bottom of the roof. Crews were able to locate the boy with a probe and recovered him alive about 5 feet under the snow after several hours had passed.

  • Bear Awareness - We have a rather persistent bear hanging around Serene Lakes looking for food.  The bear has been seen at multiple locations, and it has also gotten into vehicles, open garages and cabins.  We contacted Megan O'Connor with California Fish and Game, who provided us with the following guidelines to help discourage the bear from sticking around.  Remember: A garbage bear is a dead bear.

    The three most effective methods for effectively deterring bears and most wild animals are: removing food sources, using scent deterrents, and hazing. Click Here to see more information regarding deterring bears.

If you don’t lock your cars, it sounds like you might have a problem. No food wrappers, stale cherrios, etc should be in cars, period.


Please report every incident involving bears (entering cabins, cars) at this website as they need documentation before anything might be done. Please take pictures and notes.


Short-Term Rentals

If you rent your cabin out, keep in mind that your tenants may not be familiar with Serene Lakes' community policies. Please see Property Owner Guidelines and Lot 1 RulesWe encourage you to review this information with your renters and print and post this information in a visible area in your cabin. 

Placer County's Short Term Vacation Rental Program  provides you with information should you choose to rent your cabin out on a short-term basis.

Should you have an issue with a rental property, contact Placer County 24/7 hotline at 530-448-8003 to report a violation. Be sure to include your name, phone number, address of the property you are reporting and a description of the violation occurring. Complaints can also be submitted via email to or through the Placer Connect System Online. Scroll to the middle of the page then click on "Short Term Rental" then click "STR Complaint". 


Bear Boxes

BEAR WITH US!!  We have had a sighting this season of a bear attempting to open a bearproof garbage enclosure. Bear boxes are absolutely essential

CLICK HERE FOR A LIST OF VENDORS who can install one for you.  If you want to install one on your own, you can purchase them at Mountain Hardware in Truckee  Please get one if you don't have one. 

Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal (TTSD) is now offering interest-free loans. Go to Tahoe Bear Box Loan Program to get more information regarding the installation of critter-proof boxes for your garbage. These enclosures make a huge difference in protecting bears and our community. Check it out.

Fire Safety & Evacuation Preparedness

BE PREPARED! Many of you have already received a hard-copy of our newly printed Evacuation Guide which includes a brightly colored door hanger. The door hanger would be placed on the outside of your cabin door during an emergency so that authorities know that you have evacuated.

Please take a few minutes to review it with your family. We encourage you to print it out and put it in a visible place in your cabin so that it is readily available during an emergency.  

If you do not have a printed version for your cabin, email and they can arrange to get you one while supplies last (or you can download it the from the link above.)