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There is a lot of green waste to remove this season, and Truckee Fire is providing support.  Click here for details

Register for Placer Alert

Placer Alert

Register for CodeRED Emergency Alerts

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CodeRED is an opt-in notification system used by the County of Nevada to notify residents in an emergency. These alerts may be received as text, email, landline, cell phone, and TTY. Click the button to the right to begin the registration process.  

(register using Truckee Fire Station 97: 53823 Sherrit Lane,  Soda Springs CA 95728)



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Short-Term Rentals

If you rent your cabin out, keep in mind that your tenants may not be familiar with Serene Lakes' community policies. Please see Property Owner Guidelines and Lot 1 RulesWe encourage you to review this information with your renters and print and post this information in a visible area in your cabin. 

Placer County Short Term Rental Fact Sheet  provides you with information should you choose to rent your cabin out on a short-term basis.

Should you have an issue with a rental property, contact Placer County 24/7 hotline at 530-448-8003 to report a violation. Be sure to include your name, phone number, address of the property you are reporting and a description of the violation occurring. Complaints can also be submitted via email to or through the Placer Connect System Online. Scroll to the middle of the page then click on "Short Term Rental" then click "STR Complaint". 


BEARS--Update 2022

We have an active bear in Serene Lakes.  She is very skilled at getting into cars, garages, and even houses!  In order to protect the bear and your property please:

•  Remove all food from cars, roll up windows and lock doors

•   Be sure your house is locked and windows are latched 
Note: Bears are able to climb to 2nd & 3rd story decks when motivated

•   Keep all garbage in your bear box or locked inside the house until Monday morning when garbage is picked up

•   Do not feed birds or any other wild animals

•   Feed pets inside

•   Clean your grill and empty the grease trap after each use

•   Share this information with anyone using your cabin

Bears are normal and natural in our area.  You do not need to be afraid of them.  If you see a bear in the woods it is most likely going to be running away from you.  If you encounter a bear in the neighborhood make noise to scare it off.  Do not hesitate to scare a bear away from your house but always be sure to give the bear an exit route.  Black bears are not naturally aggressive to humans or dogs but they will lash out if they feel cornered or trapped. 

If you don’t have a bear box please get one.  Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal (TTSD) is offering interest free loans for bear boxes. Find out more at Tahoe Bear Box Loan Program.


If the bear is frequenting your property you can get advice and help in discouraging it by contacting the Bear League's 24 hour hotline at 530-525-PAWS (7297)

Report property damage only (not bear sightings) to the Department of Fish and Wildlife through their WIR System.


Learn more about living with bears at

Fire Safety & Evacuation Preparedness

BE PREPARED! Many of you have already received a hard-copy of our newly printed Evacuation Guide which includes a brightly colored door hanger. The door hanger would be placed on the outside of your cabin door during an emergency so that authorities know that you have evacuated.

Please take a few minutes to review it with your family. We encourage you to print it out and put it in a visible place in your cabin so that it is readily available during an emergency.  

If you do not have a printed version for your cabin, email and they can arrange to get you one while supplies last (or you can download it the from the link above.)