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Most of us know them as Drones, but they are correctly called Unmanned Aircraft Systems.  They are relatively inexpensive.  They can provide beautiful images and record events from above.  However, A LICENSE IS REQUIRED TO OPERATE a drone.  The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration enforces REGULATIONS that prevent the abuse of drones.  It is a crime to operate one without the required license or in a manner that is not allowed by law.  

Serene Lakes is....serene, but drones flying overhead disrupt the quiet and add noise to the environment.  While it may be great fun for the operator, most people within earshot find drones to be very annoying and disruptive.  Additionally, the noise is disturbing to our wildlife, specifically birds.  We are fortunate to have osprey, bald eagles, band-tailed pigeons and a variety of ducks and geese that regularly summer here.  Drones will disturb and possibly harm or scare away our feathered friends, leaving our community diminished.  

Licensed or not, please do not operate a drone above our lakes and community.  Think of others before you fly.