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Emergency Information

Placer County has developed the coordinated Placer Alert system which provides emergency information updates to residents. We urge all Serene Lakes residents to register with the system by going to the Placer County website by clicking here. We highly recommend doing this for property owners that do not have landlines and only use cell phones.

Fire Safety

The information accessible here is provided to assist SLPOA members in improving fire safety for their families, homes and property.
           Download Placer County OES Recommendations on emergencies.

Download our Fire Safety Brochure for more information on Fire Safety.
Download a handy Emergency Checklist in case of a fire evacuation.
Download our Open Fire Safety Brochure for important information about campfires and fire pits
Download a map of the Fire Hydrant Locations in Serene Lakes
Download the CalFire "Ready for Wildfire Mobile App" for your smartphone

Defensible Space


Defensible Space involves thinning and trimming the trees and bushes on our properties to lessen the fire danger.  The following documents provide more detailed information:

  •  General Guidelines for Creating Defensible Space - this publication from CalFire is a thorough description of steps necessary to create defensible space.
  •  Why 100 Feet? --- California law requires that homeowners create defensible space within 100 feet of their homes --- this document explains why. (This is not really relevant to Serene Lakes because all lots are too small to allow 100 ft of defensible space).
  •  FAQ About Defensible Space - Helps to answer some common questions about defensible space.
  •  Tree Removal and Defensible Space Contractors - A listing of contractors that have indicated a willingness to serve the Serene Lakes community. SLPOA makes no claims regarding the quality of goods or services provided by these companies. Potential customers are advised to use their own best judgment.
  • Cal Fired Defensible Space Inspection Video - This video shows what inspectors look for when inspecting a home for defensible space. The 100 ft limit does not apply to Serene Lakes since all lots are too small to allow 100 ft of defensible space. 
  • Harden Your Home Against Wildfire Video - This video describes the measures you can take to harden your home again wildfire.
  • Evacuation - The Living with Fire website contains some excellent information about things homeowners can do Before, During and After fires. We especially recommend the information about evacuations.  Click this link to go to the Before the Fire page.  Once there, click on the Evacuation box for an interactive list of steps to take. The page will open in another browser window.
  • Truckee Fire Department Inspection Forms --- Truckee Fire Department conducts inspection of properties in Serene Lakes for compliance with fire safety laws and practices.  The forms they use provide excellent guidance on the safety measures that we all should be taking.



While backyard campfires and fire pits are legal in Serene Lakes (unless "no burn" - red flag fire restrictions are in affect), it is crucial that these fires be handled in a safe manner. The Fire Safety Committee has done extensive research on campfire safety and highly recommends that any resident that has a fire on their property be aware of the following guidelines that should maximize the safety of these fires.

Fire pit pre-installation Check List
  • Check with your local governing body to inquire about regulations pertaining to fire pits. Fire pits are allowed in Serene Lakes
  • Purchase a fire extinguisher and keep it handy for emergencies.
  • Carefully consider campfire/fire pit placement with safety in mind.
  • Plan a firebreak into the design that will isolate any fire that may escape.
  • We highly recommend purchasing a spark screen or installing a fire pit that comes with a spark screen.

Fire Safety Tips 

Once you have constructed a safe fire pit make sure you follow these tips when lighting a fire

  • Clear the area of any flammable material in a 10 ft diameter around the pit, and clean the pit before starting a fire.
  • Use the type of fuel that your fire pit is designed to burn
  • Use a spark screen to keep sparks and ambers under control in the fire pit
  • Keep a fire extinguisher or bucket of sand  or a garden hose near by
  • Keep an eye on the kids and pets and take the time to teach the kids fire safety
  • Keep seating at a safe distance to prevent possible burns
  • Never Leave Your Fire Unattended
  • Keep your fire pit clean and empty it regularly (after it has completely cooled and the embers have been extinguished)
  • Extinguish your fire properly with dirt and/or water so that there are no remaining embers that could flare up later

There can be significant legal liability associated with these backyard fires including liability for damages caused to other private or public property should the fire escape from your property due to your failure to exercise due diligence to control the fire.  (See the applicable California Health and Safety Codes described below).


13007. Liability for Damage. Any person, who personally or allows another

person to willfully, negligently or in violation of law, set fire to, allows fire to

be set to, or allows a fire kindled or attended by him or her to escape to the

property of another, whether privately or publicly owned, is liable to the property’s

owner for any damages caused by the fire.


13008. Due Diligence Required. Any person who allows a fire burning upon

his or her property to escape to the property of another, whether privately or

publicly owed, without exercising due diligence to control such fire, is liable to

the owner of such property for the damages to the property caused by the fire.


13009. Expense of fighting fires, liability for. Any person who negligently, or

in violation of the law, sets a fire, allows a fire to be set, allows a fire kindled

or attended by him or her to escape onto any public or private property will be

financially responsible for the firefighting costs.


While campfires and open fires in pits are allowed in Serene Lakes, LARGE BONFIRES ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN AND ILLEGAL. Large fires can be extremely dangerous, especially during the dry summer months. Controlling a large bonfire can by problematic and the amount of sparks and embers can present a danger to the entire community.

Please confine your backyard fires to a safe covered fire pit and please report any large bonfires or other unsafe fires to Truckee Fire immediately by calling 911 or the Soda Springs Station at 530-426-9239


Firewise Community Assessment and Plan


In 2012 Serene Lakes was fortunate to be designated a Firewise Community, and with the help of our homeowners, we have maintained this important recognition.  This is the assessment of the fire safety conditions of our community and our plan of action to address those conditions.



For further fire safety information you can call:

  • Truckee Fire Department Business Office: (530) 582-7850

  • Cal Fire Truckee Office: (530) 587-8926

  • U.S. Forest Service Truckee Ranger District: (530) 587-3558