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SLPOA volunteers put on nine major activities each year: Sandfling (spring beach opening), Independence Day Celebration, Cabin Tour, Serene Lakes Days, Annual BBQ, Beach Clean-up (closing the beach for winter), Regattas, Movie Nights and the annual Marge Powell Memorial Hike. In addition there are informal activities led by SLPOA members - for example the Summer Hike Series led by George Lamson and Linda Cashion.

Lot 1 Facilities

"Lot 1" is the area on Serene Road at the south end of the lakes.  The facilities on Lot 1 are built and maintained by hard working SLPOA volunteers and paid for with SLPOA member dues.  The facilities include the Snack Shack, the bathrooms, watercraft storage racks, picnic tables, volley ball court, BBQ grill, audio-video equipment, sun tents, swimming dock, boat dock, horseshoe pits and the sandy beach.

Watercraft Storage Racks

SLPOA provides racks at Lot 1 for the lockable storage of registered watercraft - kayaks, canoes, and small sail craft. Registration of your watercraft is available only to SLPOA members.

SLPOA Newsletter

Published six times a year, the Newsletter contains the President's letter, reporting on current events and news, the Mayor's letter by Ralph Suter (the unofficial "mayor" of Serene Lakes), articles by contributors to the Newsletter on a variety of topics, contact information for SLPOA and area attractions. The Newsletter is available in printed form (black and white only) and digital form (in living color). You are encouraged to specify the digital version of the Newsletter - Save A Tree!

SLPOA Website

Membership provides full access to the SLPOA website including Photo Albums (create your own album), Articles, Committee lists, Event Calendar (including Member Only Events), Frequently Asked Questions, a Document Library (containing Minutes, Governing Documents, Financials, and Newsletter archives), Membership Directory, News (including Member Only news articles), Surveys and Online Voting, and Volunteering opportunities.

Cabin Tour

Each year generous SLPOA members open their cabins to the membership on the Cabin Tour. The event is open only to SLPOA members and their guests and you will enjoy good wine and hors d'oeuvres at each cabin.  You receive a commemorative wine glass and booties to make sure the cabins are protected from foot traffic.

Representation with Government Agencies

SLPOA provides a voice for the Serene Lakes community before many government agencies. We actively participate on topics such as Roads, Speed Limits, Zoning, Variances, Sewer Services, Propane Connections, Train crossing, Forest Maintenance, Environmental Issues and Land Preservation.